The Hot Trend in Skull Jewelry

Each season brings a new trend or fashionable element in jewelry, from gold of different colors to massive bracelets and rows and rows of pearls. One hot trend that seems to have gone through many, many seasons and is getting hotter and hotter is the tendency to find skulls in jewelry. Whether you find them on massive necklaces, elegant earrings or trendy rings, they seem to find their place on the catwalks of haute couture and everyday walks.

Necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets … All these items can be decorated with a large or small accessory in the form of a skull. Both women and men can easily wear skulls because they are fashionable in different ways. A man can come to the office dressed in a suit with a tie and a small pendant in the form of a skull on a chain on the collar of a shirt or modestly on cufflinks, telling about his soldiers at the weekend. Or those who wear heavy silver chains with skulls all day, can go on a date with a small bracelet-suspension with a skull, which is well dressed. The possibilities are endless.

It may seem to women that pendants with skulls or belt buckles are not suitable. This is far from the case! There are so many handbags and dresses that are based on skull design, and women need jewelry to align with them. Whether you’re adding a large skull pendant to your outfit to complement your skull-thong handbag, or adding a noticeable skull bracelet to your work attire, the skull design fits perfectly into your ensemble.

You can find beautiful silver skulls with colorful eye jewelry, or gold skulls with diamond eyes, or even a skull with a diamond instead of teeth. Designs are endless and in many ways will fit into your wardrobe. A skull-shaped pendant decorated with precious stones will play around your cleavage in the club; A silver ring-skull with ruby-red eyes can attract the attention of everyone who sits in a cafe or restaurant. The charm of jewelry with skulls is that they are both fashionable and a little bold. People tend to look twice when you wear it, especially when you wear it with a really saucy suit or gorgeous dress.

So whether you’re wearing a large silver ring with a skull at a big council meeting or you have hanging earrings that glow in the sun when you stroll along the promenade, the elegant nature of jewelry with skulls is a must. seems to leave. One way or another. It seems that with each season more trends for men and women. Beautiful design can showcase your fun and chic side or demonstrate the style of a weekend warrior. Fashionable and stylish, you can’t go wrong with a smiling skull.

Rustic Home Decor With Southwestern Rugs

If you love The Southwest Interiors, there are some things you can’t live without. Among them are south-western carpets, which are mostly woven by hand. The mats of the sapotecs, in particular, are made by the Sapotecs Indians. They come in a variety of unique designs that are perfect for a bedroom, a house, a western-style country house, a log cabin or a cottage. The patterns are very similar to Native American carpets. These mats are often of different sizes. You can get 20 “by 40,” 32 “by 64” or even 30 “on 96.” The mat you receive will depend on the size of the room in which you plan to place it.

Another great idea is to take these mats and hang them on the wall like tapestries. They also look great on your wall and are a great way to make sure your country room doesn’t have bare walls. Place it over the fireplace and it will automatically become the center of the room. Then take one or two pillows of the same color or similar design to continue the theme. You can also place a runner with the same patterns on the dining table. You can also put one on the coffee table. Also put on the sofa a piece blanket to tie everything.

If you’re looking for classic mats, you’ll find them in a variety of colors, including red and black, and usually with white and grey inserts. If you are looking for a traditional carpet, choose its colors: green, dark blue and turquoise. Most people who choose these mats appreciate the hard work put into the mats, as well as the craftsmanship. If you really want to make a name for yourself in a room you decorate in a southwest style, consider incorporating buffalo skulls into your decor.

Buffalo skulls are known as dream catchers because they go with a tame Indian dream catcher placed between their eyes. Real skulls, real turquoise and fur are used for their manufacture. This room is ideal for a house where Western cowboys are valued or where the village decor is really appreciated. The skull can be up to 72 cm long and 64 cm wide. You can find them at the Cry Indians and other Indians.

When you combine skulls with southwest carpets, your rustic decor goes well. Because mats are usually made where Native American and Spanish history is found and developed, they add life to the room they are in. They can also be memorable gifts that can be passed down from generation to generation, especially in the face of industry decline due to modernization. Mass production takes over, and the uniqueness of handmade products gradually disappears. This beautiful art may soon be commercialized.

So give your home a new look today. If you need a special home where your visitors will fall in love at first sight, consider using handmade carpets in a rustic style. These mats will easily turn any room from gray to fabulous. Hang buffalo skulls on the walls to make an even bolder statement. They, along with rugs in the village style, will revive your home. They can also be memories that you will pass on to future generations.

Indiana Jones and the Skull of Crystal

Some people say I’m “Illinois” Shapiro because I was born in Chicago and ended up traveling the world discovering various mysteries. So maybe I know something about what an Indiana Jones man might face – but in my real journey to unravel what crystal skulls are – or, more precisely, skulls made of quartz crystals – although sometimes still sometimes interesting, I’m not yet haunted by so-called villains.

However, I was lucky enough to find a crystal skull in Peru – a vision, if you will – but quite powerful, which has not left me since I saw something resembling a “blue crystal skull”. – with a movable jaw. … when I was in Peru with a group of 50 Brazilians and an American in 1990 (I was certainly an American) – an archaeologist who sat with us at our hotel for breakfast in Lima – who was our Guide to Machu Picchu (while we were going to go to the airport to get to Cuzco) – jump, point at me and speak Spanish (this was translated by my ex-wife) :

“Joshua knows where the crystal skull is in Peru”

St. Toledo, I thought I was doing this ??? But then there was what we can call a vision (and I’m not one of those people who can see spirits and creatures in other spheres or auras, but I saw this vision in the eye of my mind) a procession of people looking at Indians. people — walking through the jungle — and the man in the front rows, the man holding the object out of his body with both hands — come on, man, it looked like a crystal skull holding this man. And then I laughed at myself and thought if this archaeologist was right (and I don’t know what inspired him to stand up and point his finger at me, but you know, when you’re in Peru, you do crazy things — energy outside this world), so if I know about the crystal skull in Peru, it’s probably my favorite color – sky blue. And from now on to this day, when I think of the Blue Skull, I see and feel it around me, usually in front of me on the right and a little above my head.

So what Shapiro “Illinois” should do – the vision of this “blue skull” becomes more intense – my body is constantly reaching for northern Peru (where I haven’t been before) – then – I just stay here and do nothing until this vision, this spiritual essence of the skull, continues to appear to me and talk to me. Could you do that? Well no!! So, in 1997, I made a breakthrough, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had a good paid programmer job, and I went to Peru, not knowing what size I would be.

Fortunately, we contacted a travel agent in Lima through my ex-wife, and they helped us get used to exploring the northern part of Peru – in short, we were led (you know, if you are spiritual, you have invisible friends who will help you) to an archaeologist associated with the ancient ugly place sipan, who told us about a place called Wencabamba, which was high in the Andes, where all the shamans are trained. We know that crystal skulls are associated with the indigenous peoples of the world and that shamans possess sacred knowledge of each culture. But also in this area the spirit named “Lord Sipana” (who was the ruler buried in Sipan, discovered in 1987 and quite famous in Peru) begins to appear to me and act as my protector. I couldn’t understand why this ghost wanted to be associated with a mad gringo who had arrived on a mad mission to Peru, but the “Lord,” as I called him, stayed with me for the rest of this journey.

I then get a new guide to help me get to Wankabaamba – as my Spanish doesn’t say much, we first go to Puru, a coastal town in northern Peru, to spend the night, and then take the bus at 9am to Ouankaambaba. the next day. We live in a hostel, the owner knows the chief shaman Of Unkaba and writes us a letter. After escaping to save our lives, a bus ride that climbs a mountain of 5,000 feet in one lane up and down – we arrive in Unkabamba and, having reached our hotel, take a taxi to meet the shaman. You see, he’s asking us to come back the next morning.

Come on, do you think he said, “Oh, Joshua, of course we know about the crystal turtles, and it was predicted that you’d come and ask?” To be done. But then there’s always one, but the grandson of a shaman shows me a picture of one of the sacred lagoons on the mountain, where people are taken for spiritual cleansing – they leave the next day – we’d like to come see and learn. Well, I was able to feel the powerful energy of the photo from the water of the lagoon. I also heard later when we were in town that people were reporting UFOs appearing around this lagoon, about people walking on the water and some just disappearing in the water – so life showed me the next step and we said that well, we’ll join them the next day. So the grandson said he’d be ready at 4.30 in the morning, he’d pick us up from the hotel. So we went to bed early and finished in the morning.

But it came 4:30 a.m., 5:00, 6:00 – without a grandson – still a problem what to do the researcher of the crystal skull – well, being an Aries who does not like to give up, I said to my husband: “Let’s go to the lagoon. We ourselves Gora (it was called Laguna Negra, Black Lagoon) – so we found a taxi driver who took us to the house of a shaman, but he slept and drank – we found a taxi where he was going to pick up a shaman, but he said canceled the shaman because he didn’t have enough people and he wanted us to pay for 6 people – I’m Jewish, do you think what the answer gave j. where we could hire a mule – so at 11:30 I was there – and we reached the lagoon – and when I was there – I knew it was the place I wanted to go (to camp for a few days), ‘blue skull’ – because the creature has a skull face. behind the lagoon. excited but … I didn’t have camping gear with me, so we had to get down the mountain – the next day it took about 5 hours to get our camping gear back – but I didn’t care, my mind led me to where I was.

How Can the Crystal Skulls Save the World?

Many people discovered Crystal Skulls (pieces of quartz crystal carved or made in the likeness of a human bone skull) when the last Indiana Jones film was first shown in May 2008. Unfortunately, as real crystal skull seekers and spiritually open people use crystal skulls experienced it’s not exactly what was shown on the screen. Now I have made a bold statement in the title of this article, which I will support by example of some of the experiences I have had with these crystal friends and what they represent.

First, I saw my first (what we call the “old” crystal skull, skull 1000 years or older) in 1983. When I just looked at the image of this crystal skull, it caused me a strong inner vibration and I just knew that at that moment they were vital for the future of humanity (it was the knowledge of the soul). The crystal skull I encountered today is commonly known as ‘Ami’ (which means friend) and is made of amethyst quartz weighing about 8 pounds, so it is said to be a child’s skull close to the destroyed in the early 1900s. Maya. found in Mexico.

How I learned that they are important – at that moment I was overwhelmed by a strong desire to share the best possible information (over the past 26 years) about who they are and what they represent.

Let’s continue a few more experiments so you can feel how the Crystal Skulls can affect you personally, and WHAT we’ve seen from the study point of view:

(a) Flash – had the opportunity to visit bill Homanna’s Indiana home in March 2008, The keeper of the famous Crystal Skull of Love Mitchell-Hedges (transparent quartz, two pieces, human size, ancient skull) for a private session – brought me three personal skulls that I placed in a triangular shape around the skull (one large front and two smaller at the back), and listening to my favorite songs on my MP3 player, I contacted the universal creature (because I am more than a separate entity) and I wanted to experience what it was like to be in heaven (it was so peaceful and peaceful).

b) Flash – Christmas time, 1991, in my current home near Chicago, visited Jock Van Dieten, the guardian of “aliens” (smoky quartz, alien appearance, human size, ancient skull) – meditated with a crystal skull, which I saw the face of a man, possibly a Mayan priest in a skull – brought this crystal with the crystal skull of Mitchell-Hedges to Indiana during this visit. Both experiences were amazing.

c) Flash – northern Peru in the Andes, when I lived in a house of a very primitive building, quite small, I had two visions of a crystal skull the size of a man, completely translucent sky-blue, two rooms with a big man behind me. Him. Later, while visiting an area known as Laguna Negra, a ghost speaks to me and tells the story of this crystal skull associated with Lord Sipana from the doink’s urine culture.

d) The flash is a crazy experiment with our newly created crystal skull called Portal de Luz (“Portal of Light, smoky quartz, whole, 10 pounds”) – when tested with a device called the Meridian Strength Test Machine in America and Europe. where he balanced the energy of various meridians in the subjects’ bodies by 90-95%; While meditating with this skull in fields in England, my ex-wife, Blue Arrow, Rainbow Eagle Woman, in 2004, the lyleline at the back she broke into two pieces and stayed so for the rest of the day – she said that during her mediation she had contacted two aliens who wondered why we humans didn’t just enjoy the circles in the fields they created. and tried to prove it wrong, and finally in a recent test of this skull conducted by Joshua P. Warren in Asheville, North Carolina, when he was exposed to radioactive shows – “Portal” absorbed or blocked approximately 60% of radiation and hemorrhage. counting to 300,000 volts, he just smiled and asked for more.


1) Ancient crystal skulls are computers of ancient civilizations that contain information that can help our world see complete peace and harmony – we just need to understand how to get this knowledge.

2) All crystal skulls have the ability to store incredible energy and vibrational frequencies of everything that happens around them when this skull has already been activated or opened.

3) Crystal skulls act like living creatures with intelligence – newly created skulls even talk to their guards and tell them what to call them.

4) Some of the local prophecies state that the crystal skulls are involved in the creation of our future, and some prophecies say that there is a special set of crystal skulls (13, 24, 72, etc.) that they are created together. come, and when they do, there will come a catalytic moment that will lead us to a golden age.

5) At the moment they act as a catalyst for awakening in the people they meet, their inner divinity, awareness and contact with such a thing!!

So now you know why studying skulls took more than 26 years of my life, and I’ll never be bored. Every day more and more crystal skulls (old) appear and appear – it’s an exciting time!!

Thank you for listening, always in peace and light,

Joshua Shapiro
researcher of the crystal skull.

Joshua Shapiro is a researcher, author, speaker and media consultant associated with Crystal Skulls. He has been involved since 1983, when he met the former “Friend” of the amethyst skull in San Jose, California. He traveled to North America, South America, Europe and Australia to conduct research or make public presentations. Today, he works closely with his Atlanta-based partner Katrina Head. Late last year, they began offering spiritual tours with skulls in Peru and now in Egypt. Joshua has an action adventure scenario showing how the world will see the world in 2012, and he is chairman of the board of the World Mystery Research Center. He hopes his new book will be released this year under the title “The Journey of the Crystal Skull Explorers” (with a female eagle, rainbow and blue arrow).

Crystal Skull Legend

There are at least thirteen crystal skulls, all of which have been found in Mexico, Central America and South America. All these skulls are beautiful and are believed to have mystical power. They are all believed to be of ancient origin between the ages of 5,000 and 36,000 years old. These skulls, all of which were found near the Mayan and Aztec monuments, became one of the greatest mysteries of the archaeological world in the 20th century and now in the 21st century. There are many legends about crystal turtles, and one of the most famous is the skull of Mitchell-Hedges.

F. A. Mitchell-Hedges was a British explorer who went on an expedition to discover Atlantis in 1924 when he claimed that his daughter Anna had found a crystal skull. He provided the world with a complete account of the find and how he came to bring the skull home, instead of leaving it to the Mayan people. However, his story was disputed when the British Museum proved they were the bidders for the skull at Sotherby’s auction – the same auction where Mitchell-Hedges was the highest bidder! However, this does not help us to determine the origin of the skull. It has been processed to the smallest detail and technically very similar to a real human skull, and its manufacture would be very difficult even today. At least, there is tremendous respect for the manufacturer of the part and still remains a mystery technique and the tools used.

It would be impossible to talk about legends about crystal turtles without mentioning the name of Eugene Boban. Boban was a French archaeologist who worked closely with the Mexican court of Maximilian. It seems that through his hands passes several crystal skulls. One ended up in Trocadero (a forerunner of Muse de l’Homme), and the other went to the British Museum through Tiffany’s in New York. These two skulls are very similar. It is now believed that both were created in the 19th century and have nothing to do with the ancient Mayan civilization. The only connection between them and Mexico is probably Boban.

Some argue that even the Skull of Mitchell-Hedges is a relatively modern work, and some consider it a copy of the skull from the British Museum. However, this does not solve the question of how these skulls were created, and in some ways only adds to the legends and mysteries of crystal skulls.

Some skulls are still on display in museums as ancient Mayan artifacts. Some of them, such as the British Museum, display skulls, but they do not claim authenticity and even openly call them fake. The mystery of the legends of the crystal turtles may never be solved. There are so many skulls, so many legends and so many people passionately believing in skulls that it seems that the truth about all of them will never be revealed. Boban could have known more about his grave than anyone else, and may have died knowing that he had made a lot of noise in the archaeological world.