14 Good Reasons To Visit Germany

But if that’s not enough, the view of the Alps from the shore of Lake Constance alone is reason enough to go there. With such a diverse range of places to visit in Germany, choosing where you want to spend your next holiday is no small feat. The country has everything from fairytale castles and charming forests to bustling cities and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So, to help you narrow down your options, these are just some of the best places to visit in Germany. Trips to Qatar offer a taste of prosperity and fun for tourists traveling through this small but wealthy country. Just walking through the old streets past these beautiful buildings is a timeless experience, especially if it’s the Plönlein, one of the most picturesque places in the city.

Cologne is also home to impressive icons such as the city’s unofficial symbol, Cologne Cathedral, a striking Gothic church. In addition, the Church of the Twelve Romans is a wonderful example of medieval architecture. While absolutely delicious, German food is much more than sausages and potatoes. Overall, Germany has really increased the quality and depth of its culinary offerings, making it an excellent dining destination. From breweries to domed restaurants and street stalls, there are plenty of places to experience healthy German cuisine.

Among them is Kirchengemeinde St. Jakob (St. Jacob’s Church), which is located on the Marktplatz and is considered one of the best churches of its kind in Germany. Built in the 13th century, the church houses Tilman Riemenschneider’s famous Holy Blood altar and stained glass windows that are more than 700 years old. Meanwhile, the nearby Rathaus features a 50-metre-high tower with fantastic panoramic views of the city. Nearby, the 14th-century Ratsherrntrinkstube (Councilman’s Tavern) features an old clock and mechanical figures. These come to life every hour to recreate the legendary story of the brave mayor who drank nearly a gallon of wine to save his city. In December, Rothenburg ob der Tauber hosts a world-famous Christmas market.

Many people who visit Germany enjoy different destinations during their trip. Germans pride themselves on drinking excellent beer, especially Berliners. The craft beer scene in Berlin is constantly growing with old and new beers on offer. Whether you’re looking for a good beer garden, a pub or a craft beer spot, the city has beer lovers covered.

Other attractions include the tall monument to the Virgin Mary, the Mariensäule built in 1638, as well as the elegant Fischbrunnen, a 19th-century fountain with its bronze figures. If you know someone who has lived there before or has been there before, you probably already know how popular it is. But if you don’t know someone who has been to Germany at least once, you still owe it to yourself to make the trip once. Here are some of the main reasons why Germany is such a popular attraction.

Half-timbered houses line the cobblestone streets of the Old Town overlooking the Tauber River. As you stroll through this enchanting setting and along the city walls, you will discover several preserved gates and towers, old medieval museums and churches. Bordering Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Lake Constance remains one of Germany’s most popular holiday destinations, and for good reason.

Each region you visit from north to east offers you a wealth of excitement and fun. Most visitors are attracted to the natural splendor, rich culture, history and sumptuous cuisine. CologneKöln is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany. The city offers a variety of exciting attractions along with nightlife and the art and culture of the stars.

Berlin, the capital of cool, is itself a good reason to visit Germany, but other cities such as Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Leipzig and Dresden are also great destinations. They offer a wide range of attractions and sights to keep visitors occupied for at least several days. Oktoberfest This European destination is a special place with great outdoor activities and a rich history. It takes you back to the Middle Ages as you explore the modern cities. In addition to the attractions and festivities, the diverse destination promises much more than you expect.

Today, Wego is used by millions of people every month, people who travel for adventure, for work, for family and for many other reasons. That’s why we work tirelessly to make your flight, hotel and travel planning and booking experience as seamless as possible. Germany offers the beauty of Europe along with national history, natural beauty, art and culture. Be aware of the best time to visit Germany, along with our travel tips, to make the most of your trip to Germany.

Modern Lighting Systems – LED Street Lights

Outdoor lighting systems have always been very beneficial for all people. It contributes a lot in making the streets safer. Passing by dark alleys or streets presents many different safety risks. It is a fact that crime rates are higher in dark streets as compared to more illuminated ones. Another thing is that without proper outdoor lighting, automobile accidents may be more frequent. Because of these reasons that we are now using street lights. It definitely helps lowers LED Street Light crime rates on streets and helps promote safety driving as well. Modern technology paved the way for the development of different types of street lights. Throughout the years, different types of lighting systems have been used in an effort to help keep public areas safer. It gets modified from time to time since new developments which are more efficient and provides more benefits are introduced. Among the latest types of outdoor lighting systems used today are LED street lights. Though LED has been around for quite some time already, it was just recently that they are used for street lighting.

One of the biggest advantages of using this type of lighting is that it is more eco-friendly as compared to the ones which have been used in the past. LED is known to consume less energy so it is definitely more environment-friendly. Since it consumes lesser energy, it also means that electricity bills would get lower. Everyone would benefit from it even though it is usually the government who shoulders the bill for public street lights. Another good thing about the use of this type of lighting system is that it is more durable. Even though the initial setup may costs more when compared to earlier ones used, it still is cheaper in the long run since it does not need to be replaced more often. One concern before with the use of LED for street lights is that they seem not bright enough. But with the help of modern technology, experts found a way to make it more adequate to be used for outdoor lighting. The materials used for making LED is also known to be friendly to the environment and does not contribute to global warming which was a big problem before for different types of lighting systems.

Efficiency With the Best LED High Bay Lights

The world keeps on changing and the world of electricity has not been left behind. It is time to switch from the inefficient options and choose options that save money and power. There are great features that make the LED high bay lights stand out from all other models. They have an amazing excellence reputation and this has been achieved through many years of quality design and innovation. This is what has made them to outperform all other models so far.

LED High Bay Lights

These lights are designed very specifically to cater for the larger areas as well as the tall ceilings. These lights lay focus directly creating powerful illumination even when there is a long range. It is for this reason that they are so ideal for use in the industrial and commercial high bay light settings like retail stores and warehouses. There are many options that are included in the installation of the LED high bay lights in buildings. Choosing the technology gives you a great experience that you cannot regret.

Why you should go for these types of lights

When you are constructing a warehouse in venue or facilities that have ceilings that are more than a warehouse that has ceilings that exceed 15 feet, this is the best option that you can go for. Various issues are associated with the light technologies. Today, the high-efficiency fluorescent lights do not hum or flicker, as was the case in the past. However, LED high bay lights is the best option because it does not have any drawbacks.

Meeting the warehouse requirements

There are some things that make the LED high bay lights stand out for anyone who wants to set up a warehouse or when looking for fixtures that are ideal for such a set-up. The light should be:

  • Sufficient light in terms of coverage and brightness
  • The appropriate color rendering
  • Durability
  • Long lifespan
  • Cool temperatures
  • Nontoxic

The LED high bay lights meet all requirements for the high bay light applications within the warehouses. The people who choose this kind of lighting report greater energy savings in terms of power as well as maintenance costs. There are other additional benefits that you can get from using them and they include:

  • Cool: LED high bay lights do not emit any heat. This is an advantage because of costs as well as safety. Using them means that you will reduce the need for any form of air conditioning, thereby saving on the cooling costs.
  • Durable: they do not break that easily and they are actually virtually unbreakable.
  • Light uniformity: They increase the uniformity of light to a great extent. You will get light in an instantaneous way. No delays or flickering of lights is witnessed in such cases. The light output is never affected.
  • Energy efficiency: they use little energy so as have the same lumens like the conventional light fixtures do. This leads to a low spending on electricity. You save even more when you combine them with smart sensors.

Cobalt Chrome Alloys in Aerospace

Naturally occurring glass is known as obsidian. Our curious and inventive ancestors tried to mimic what they saw in nature. They noticed that sand melted when it was put near the fire and liked the results. Centuries of development later has resulted the glass you use today.

So how is glass made nowadays?


To make glass you will need the following ingredients:

Silica (sand)
Sodium Carbonate
Calcium Oxide (from limestone)

Lots of heat!

Optional Ingredients:

To obtain different effects, such as colour, you can use one or more of the following options:

Cullet (recycled glass – see below in Recycling Section
Magnesium or Aluminium oxide (can be used in place of Calcium Oxide)
Lead (if you want to make crystal glasses)
Boron (to change thermal and electrical properties)
LaB6 Powder (if you need enhanced light reflective properties)
Iron (to absorb infra-red energy)
Colour (change the colour by adding various metals or oxides)
Coatings (you may wish to coat your glass to give it a special finish.)

Lots more heat!


1. Heat your ingredients to 1,500 – 1,600 Deg C and cook for up to 50 hours.
2. For float (sheet) glass, allow the molten glass to flow onto a layer of molten tin. Add any coatings you may wish to use and allow to cool slowly in a lehr.
3. For containers and drinking glasses, firstly make a “parison” or pre-form (thick miniature bottle shape) by pressing or blowing a blob of molten glass (called a gob) into a shape using a mould. Put the pre-form into another mould and use compressed air to push the sides out and into the shape of the final bottle or glass. Cool, re-heat and allow to cool again (this prevents breaking).

Don’t try this yourself at home!


Glass is a great material to recycle – it can be re-used again and again. It saves mining for the raw materials and it requires much lower temperatures.

When you send your glass to be recycled, it will be cleaned, sorted into colour and processed to remove any impurities. This will leave “cullet”. This is added to the raw ingredients where it quickly melts and is added to the mix.

So now you have a brief knowledge of how glass is made!