A Crystal Skull and the “Orbs” – What is the Connection?

The world in which we live today is filled with a lot of paranormal phenomena. We left giant structures of ancient civilizations (such as a sphinx or a pyramid). We have UFOs that are either created by the governments of the world when capturing alien ships, or they are alien ships. We have circles in the fields – very intricate geometric patterns, which the British government says are created by a couple of men at night, but those of us who study the spiritual and the paranormal know that this is not possible. Of course, I’ve talked in detail about the crystal turtles in a few of my articles I’ve written here, so we’ll wait until we introduce them. But now we’re going to introduce “Spheres” or “Light Balls,” as some people call them. So, before we start, I’d rather give a short definition.

What is a “ball”? “At first people thought that their digital cameras had a problem, because these white, round, foggy objects appeared in the photos they made. I don’t know how long the balloons were photographed, they must have been photographed before they became popular, but now everyone has the balls in the photos. Even for us, when we take our personal crystal skulls to energy points or sacred places, we also see “spheres” in many of our photos. I would define the ‘ball’ (located in the areas where they appear) as a spatial intelligence whose frequency of oscillation is beyond our physical vision, but the camera shutter may be a flash of their light or light understands the essence. What we see in the photos is just a still image of this essence of the Sphere. This gives us an idea of what these creatures look like.

Why do I think they’re smart? Because when we ask them to do something, like moving in a certain way or in a certain direction with our mind, they will. Also, because of the many places where they appear – where they are photographed – there is an interesting event, with a special natural energy, which seems to encourage “Spheres” to come as observers. They are interested in how we live and what we do.

Now let’s move on to the main theme of this article: “How could there be a connection between these possible dimensional or light intelligent beings and the crystal skull?” Wisconsin is overseen by our good friends, Melanie and Jerry. Of course, we were going to hold public lectures there, but our crystal skulls (“crystal children”) could remain in this very powerful labyrinth for a long time. Melanie and Jerry did. so I could take a lot of pictures around this makeshift maze, and sometimes there are a lot of “balls”.

In any case, during our stay of about 4 days we were also able to take many photos and have already published some reports about our experiences, which we share with the participants of our newsletter (feel free to contact us if you want to know more ). We noticed that with the crystal skulls present in the Labyrinth, there were many “Spheres”, not only muddy-white, but also with interesting colors and drawings. But the key was that when we got home to North Carolina and started taking pictures of our skulls in the backyard and guess what, “Spheres” also appeared here.

Therefore, we assume that because of the internal dimensional nature of the crystal skulls, they can communicate with the “balls” and possibly store the essence of “balls” in them. Or we also assume that the crystal skull may act as an energy generator or spatial gate through which the Sphere, which the skull has collided with before, can move from one place on the planet to another, moving through a crystal skull. Why do we think so, because we have a picture of sphere that appeared in Wisconsin, and the same “Sphere” that appeared in North Carolina about a week later.

If you’re interested in any other research we’ve done with our friends Ron and Missy Hill of NiteVision X and are interested in video footage of moving spheres interacting with crystal skulls, you can watch this video, don’t doubt it. contact us.

In the meantime, I wish a good day and always be open to the mysteries of the universe, as they manifest themselves in our reality as paranormal phenomena.

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