Indiana Jones and the Skull of Crystal

Some people say I’m “Illinois” Shapiro because I was born in Chicago and ended up traveling the world discovering various mysteries. So maybe I know something about what an Indiana Jones man might face – but in my real journey to unravel what crystal skulls are – or, more precisely, skulls made of quartz crystals – although sometimes still sometimes interesting, I’m not yet haunted by so-called villains.

However, I was lucky enough to find a crystal skull in Peru – a vision, if you will – but quite powerful, which has not left me since I saw something resembling a “blue crystal skull”. – with a movable jaw. … when I was in Peru with a group of 50 Brazilians and an American in 1990 (I was certainly an American) – an archaeologist who sat with us at our hotel for breakfast in Lima – who was our Guide to Machu Picchu (while we were going to go to the airport to get to Cuzco) – jump, point at me and speak Spanish (this was translated by my ex-wife) :

“Joshua knows where the crystal skull is in Peru”

St. Toledo, I thought I was doing this ??? But then there was what we can call a vision (and I’m not one of those people who can see spirits and creatures in other spheres or auras, but I saw this vision in the eye of my mind) a procession of people looking at Indians. people — walking through the jungle — and the man in the front rows, the man holding the object out of his body with both hands — come on, man, it looked like a crystal skull holding this man. And then I laughed at myself and thought if this archaeologist was right (and I don’t know what inspired him to stand up and point his finger at me, but you know, when you’re in Peru, you do crazy things — energy outside this world), so if I know about the crystal skull in Peru, it’s probably my favorite color – sky blue. And from now on to this day, when I think of the Blue Skull, I see and feel it around me, usually in front of me on the right and a little above my head.

So what Shapiro “Illinois” should do – the vision of this “blue skull” becomes more intense – my body is constantly reaching for northern Peru (where I haven’t been before) – then – I just stay here and do nothing until this vision, this spiritual essence of the skull, continues to appear to me and talk to me. Could you do that? Well no!! So, in 1997, I made a breakthrough, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had a good paid programmer job, and I went to Peru, not knowing what size I would be.

Fortunately, we contacted a travel agent in Lima through my ex-wife, and they helped us get used to exploring the northern part of Peru – in short, we were led (you know, if you are spiritual, you have invisible friends who will help you) to an archaeologist associated with the ancient ugly place sipan, who told us about a place called Wencabamba, which was high in the Andes, where all the shamans are trained. We know that crystal skulls are associated with the indigenous peoples of the world and that shamans possess sacred knowledge of each culture. But also in this area the spirit named “Lord Sipana” (who was the ruler buried in Sipan, discovered in 1987 and quite famous in Peru) begins to appear to me and act as my protector. I couldn’t understand why this ghost wanted to be associated with a mad gringo who had arrived on a mad mission to Peru, but the “Lord,” as I called him, stayed with me for the rest of this journey.

I then get a new guide to help me get to Wankabaamba – as my Spanish doesn’t say much, we first go to Puru, a coastal town in northern Peru, to spend the night, and then take the bus at 9am to Ouankaambaba. the next day. We live in a hostel, the owner knows the chief shaman Of Unkaba and writes us a letter. After escaping to save our lives, a bus ride that climbs a mountain of 5,000 feet in one lane up and down – we arrive in Unkabamba and, having reached our hotel, take a taxi to meet the shaman. You see, he’s asking us to come back the next morning.

Come on, do you think he said, “Oh, Joshua, of course we know about the crystal turtles, and it was predicted that you’d come and ask?” To be done. But then there’s always one, but the grandson of a shaman shows me a picture of one of the sacred lagoons on the mountain, where people are taken for spiritual cleansing – they leave the next day – we’d like to come see and learn. Well, I was able to feel the powerful energy of the photo from the water of the lagoon. I also heard later when we were in town that people were reporting UFOs appearing around this lagoon, about people walking on the water and some just disappearing in the water – so life showed me the next step and we said that well, we’ll join them the next day. So the grandson said he’d be ready at 4.30 in the morning, he’d pick us up from the hotel. So we went to bed early and finished in the morning.

But it came 4:30 a.m., 5:00, 6:00 – without a grandson – still a problem what to do the researcher of the crystal skull – well, being an Aries who does not like to give up, I said to my husband: “Let’s go to the lagoon. We ourselves Gora (it was called Laguna Negra, Black Lagoon) – so we found a taxi driver who took us to the house of a shaman, but he slept and drank – we found a taxi where he was going to pick up a shaman, but he said canceled the shaman because he didn’t have enough people and he wanted us to pay for 6 people – I’m Jewish, do you think what the answer gave j. where we could hire a mule – so at 11:30 I was there – and we reached the lagoon – and when I was there – I knew it was the place I wanted to go (to camp for a few days), ‘blue skull’ – because the creature has a skull face. behind the lagoon. excited but … I didn’t have camping gear with me, so we had to get down the mountain – the next day it took about 5 hours to get our camping gear back – but I didn’t care, my mind led me to where I was.

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