Attention Tension and Sinus Headache Sufferers! How to Treat Your Headaches at Home

This article is a continuation of the article “I have a headache, which looks like a tight bandage on my head, what do I do.” I noticed that a few days after I published the original article, many people watched it; I decided that I would better provide a little more information about some of the things you can do at home to find temporary relief. If you haven’t seen the first article, I suggest you read it; It will help you find a more permanent solution to your headaches. Let me briefly discuss:

The most common type of headache is a tension headache in which the patient feels a tight bandage around the head, as if the head is stuck in the grip. Pain and stiffness are usually most powerful at the base of the skull and usually begin in the muscles of the neck and shoulders. Headache can only last one (1) day, but can last up to a week or more. Tension headaches are usually exacerbated by stressful situations and can be caused by prolonged sitting in positions with poor support, such as driving a car or sitting on a chair with poor support.

Headaches in the sinuses can be very similar, but are usually accompanied by a feeling of “fullness” and pressure on the forehead, behind the eyes and on the cheeks.

I’m going to share with you a few things you can do at home to temporarily relieve these types of headaches. Let me say this again, TIME relief. This article is not intended to replace a qualified medical diagnosis accompanied by qualified medical advice. I recommend that you see a qualified practitioner in your area, especially if your headache is not going away as this may be a sign of a more serious type of headache.

From a stress headache you can do two simple and effective things. One you can make yourself; the other requires a willing partner. When you are alone, roll a small towel into a very tight roll the size of a medium jar. Lie on your back, on the bed or on the floor and place a towel under your neck where it meets your head. Your head should not touch the surface on which you lie.

If you have a willing partner, the following method is very good.

PARTNER: Stretch your hands in front of your palms up and together your little finger. Now make the bowl with your hands as if trying to hold the water. That’s the position of your hand.

HEALTH: Lie on your back on the bed or on the floor (more effectively on the floor, but more comfortable for your assistant when he lies on the bed).

PARTNER: You are going to place your fingers right under the person’s neck, where he meets the base of the skull (keep your hands in the position we’re talking about). Cutting your nails is a good idea, otherwise it may be more inconvenient than useful.

GOOD: Your partner’s fingers should be right under the bones at the base of your skull. To feel where they should be, swipe your fingers over the back of the head until they fall off the hard bone and meet soft muscles. This is exactly where your partner’s fingers should be.

PARTNER: Lift your man’s head and neck with your fingers (you will not be easy and comfortable, sorry). Stay in place and do not jump, and shake your head on your fingers. At first, their heads do not rest in your palm (if you do everything right). The goal is to hold this position long enough for the baby’s head to gradually relax and rest on your palms. You may have to hold this position for a few minutes (don’t worry, it’s your turn).

GOOD: Relax, calm down, close your eyes and just let your head and neck relax. At first it can be very inconvenient, but wait a little, otherwise you will feel better. Don’t forget to return the service to your friend.

If you are also feeling pressure in your sinuses, try the following:

Lie on your back, tilting your head slightly backwards. Swipe your index fingers along your eyebrows until they are almost exactly in the center of your head; you should feel two slightly flattened spots. They can be gentle. Massage here with your fingertips in circular motions (count to 20). It probably won’t be so good. Then place your fingers on the most protruding part of the cheekbones and pull them down and under the cheekbones in the hole you feel.






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