Rustic Home Decor With Southwestern Rugs

If you love The Southwest Interiors, there are some things you can’t live without. Among them are south-western carpets, which are mostly woven by hand. The mats of the sapotecs, in particular, are made by the Sapotecs Indians. They come in a variety of unique designs that are perfect for a bedroom, a house, a western-style country house, a log cabin or a cottage. The patterns are very similar to Native American carpets. These mats are often of different sizes. You can get 20 “by 40,” 32 “by 64” or even 30 “on 96.” The mat you receive will depend on the size of the room in which you plan to place it.

Another great idea is to take these mats and hang them on the wall like tapestries. They also look great on your wall and are a great way to make sure your country room doesn’t have bare walls. Place it over the fireplace and it will automatically become the center of the room. Then take one or two pillows of the same color or similar design to continue the theme. You can also place a runner with the same patterns on the dining table. You can also put one on the coffee table. Also put on the sofa a piece blanket to tie everything.

If you’re looking for classic mats, you’ll find them in a variety of colors, including red and black, and usually with white and grey inserts. If you are looking for a traditional carpet, choose its colors: green, dark blue and turquoise. Most people who choose these mats appreciate the hard work put into the mats, as well as the craftsmanship. If you really want to make a name for yourself in a room you decorate in a southwest style, consider incorporating buffalo skulls into your decor.

Buffalo skulls are known as dream catchers because they go with a tame Indian dream catcher placed between their eyes. Real skulls, real turquoise and fur are used for their manufacture. This room is ideal for a house where Western cowboys are valued or where the village decor is really appreciated. The skull can be up to 72 cm long and 64 cm wide. You can find them at the Cry Indians and other Indians.

When you combine skulls with southwest carpets, your rustic decor goes well. Because mats are usually made where Native American and Spanish history is found and developed, they add life to the room they are in. They can also be memorable gifts that can be passed down from generation to generation, especially in the face of industry decline due to modernization. Mass production takes over, and the uniqueness of handmade products gradually disappears. This beautiful art may soon be commercialized.

So give your home a new look today. If you need a special home where your visitors will fall in love at first sight, consider using handmade carpets in a rustic style. These mats will easily turn any room from gray to fabulous. Hang buffalo skulls on the walls to make an even bolder statement. They, along with rugs in the village style, will revive your home. They can also be memories that you will pass on to future generations.

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